Kabbalah of Stone: A Novel

Girona, Spain, 1492—On the eve of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, a rabbi struggles to save one of the birthplaces of Jewish mysticism from the Inquisition. Help comes in the unexpected form of the spirit of the biblical prophet, Huldah, and a Christian scribe who discovers his hidden Jewish identity. This lyrical and suspenseful novel of Jewish history and magic explores gender and sexuality in the Medieval era and offers a feminist reinterpretation of an intriguing Hebrew prophet.

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Praise for Kabbalah of Stone

“A wise woman once taught me that Truth can be accessed at the confluence of history and the soul’s knowing. This story of love, longing and prophecy is set against the background of an impeccably researched telling of one of the more painful events in human history. As the novel unfolds, through Reti’s masterful imagery and prose, her readers are inspired to uncover the Truth that guides our lives.”
—Rabbi Nadya Gross, Ruach Ha’aretz

“As a gay man who recently embraced his family’s secret Jewish heritage, I identified strongly with the protagonist of Irene Reti’s historical and mystical novel. Using extensive research and her rich powers of imagination, Reti has recreated a dangerous world of love, betrayal, and hope for the future.”
—Jim Van Buskirk, Jewish Community Library, San Francisco

"The force of the Inquisition was not met unopposed. Kabbalah of Stone tells the story of a Rabbi as he and his people were being expelled from Spain during the inquisitions of the fifteenth century. Author Irene Reti tells the story of the Kabbalah in Spain and its relation to the gender and sexuality issues of the time, crafting a riveting story on a subject many readers have little understanding of. "Kabbalah of Stone" is a top pick for those seeking a novel that blends many topics of the Medieval world well."--Midwest Book Review


    "This book is a realistic portrayal of the plight of both Jews and conversos (Jews forced to convert to Christianity) in medieval Spain. At the same time, Reti delves into Jewish theology, exploring female traditions of healing and interpreting dreams which were excluded from the official canon. Interweaving scenes from 7th century BCE in Jerusalem with 15th-century Spain and glimpses of possible futures, Reti creates a compelling and suspenseful narrative full of both historical detail and thoughtful commentary on Jewish lore and heritage.

    Kabbalah of Stone celebrates the power of the written word while also exploring traditions handed down from one generation to the next that survive without the aid of the pen. This absorbing narrative would appeal to anyone interested in medieval Judaism or medieval Spain in general."

--Ann K.D. Myers, Historical Novels Reviews Online

"[This  novel] is a tornado of conflict, with characters helplessly lifted into its funnel, their sexuality, gender, heritage, and birth rights laid bare over a landscape being swept over by the Spanish Inquisition. It is a heart-wrenching novel that spans both the width of human emotion and the breadth of time, telling the tragic story of us through its expansive cast. Irene Reti reminds us that we are not yet free of persecution, and that homosexuality is still burned with the same badges that the Jews were forced to wear, and purged just as those followers of the Divine Mother were in the days of Huldah. Reti is the daughter of Holocaust refugees and well equipped to tell this tale, in sore need of telling. She offers a voice of compassion and understanding even during some of the story’s heaviest moments where it feels like hate is just over the horizon; where you even beg to feel it. Reti refuses to fall into that trap."

--Eric Jones, Bookreview.com

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